Chemical hair removal product introduction

Kracie hair removal mousse

This kind of hair removal mousse under Kanebo has not been used in the past few years. I started using it. I have used some chemical hair removal products before, but some of them are not expensive but are well-known brands. But when I open it and smell it, I feel that it is too chemistry. It is very common for the hair removal effect or the feeling of use on the skin. Until the hair removal mousse is used, it is also a tens of dollars of money, but the difference in use is really great.

First of all, its taste, there is no strong chemical pungent smell, spray is the foam mousse, stay on the skin for about 8 minutes, the foam will disappear a little, in the process you can clearly feel the hair is softening, Then use a paper towel or take a shower to remove the hair that has fallen off. I remember that when I first used it, there was no obvious tingling. It was composed of chamomile extract, seaweed extract, plant squalane and royal jelly extract. Has been repurchased so far. And there won’t be that black spots left on the skin.

This product does not indicate that it is suitable for the depilation of the bikini part, and it is not marked to be disabled, so I also use this hair off the bikini part (the hair in this area is hard), I will trim it first, then spray this hair removal a little. Mousse, the effect is still good, mainly no pain, but if your skin is very sensitive, it is not recommended to use in the bikini.

IntiMD COOCHY Hair Removal Cream

I listened to this hair removal product recommended by a friend who studied in North America. This is a brand from LA that sells many women’s intimate care products. IntiMD’s hair removal products, the most signature is its moisturizing effect, very smooth after being applied to the body, greatly reducing the friction between the razor and the body, but also has a better effect of softening the hair. Unlike most European and American chemical hair removal products, there is a very pungent taste, this is completely, sweet, and feels pretty good. This hair removal cream is very very mild, the official said that it is suitable for all skins, including sensitive skin, and will not feel dry and itchy or stinging after use.

One of the more important points is that it applies to the bikini part, and it will not be as painful as other products after using the razor. In addition to the very effective moisturizing and softening properties of jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, shea butter and aloe vera, this shaving gel can also relieve many menstrual symptoms.

If you want to remove hair in private, this is a good choice. Of course, you need to pay attention to some parts of the hair removal, for example, you need to trim the following, and then protect the most private parts, do not often depilate the bikini area.

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